Off to a flying start

Stadler + Schaaf's mission statement is fundamentally shaped by our commitment to high quality. Our employees take this mission to heart. It is reflected in their knowledge, skills, and dedication.

Practical training & theses

We support you with your practical training or your thesis.

  • An internship at Stadler + Schaaf parallel to your studies will bring you closer to your professional goal. Broaden your mind with practical experience that you can only get in a company.

  • We at Stadler + Schaaf offer you the possibility to write your thesis based on current issues in our company. This will give you a head start if you want to be employed at Stadler + Schaaf.

  • We are looking for dedicated students in the following fields:

    • energy engineering and automation
    • electrical engineering
    • information technology/computer sciences
    • business administration

    Current job offers

  • Job requirements:

    • intermediate university examination
    • dedication, reliability, purposefulness, ability to work in a team
    • three to six months availability